For over a decade, Adrienne has worked in the media. Her love for storytelling has created many opportunities to write, produce, and consult with Executives to Media Personalities, and from brands to local business leaders. Her passion for media led her to go deeper into her craft by attending the University of North Texas to study Radio, Television, & Film, securing a Bachelor of Arts degree.

After learning more about the media industry, Adrienne took on the challenges of becoming a News Producer in Dallas, TX, a top 5 major news market, she attributes much of her success to the diverse platforms and formats where her expertise was showcased. Not just news, Adrienne was led to take her gifts and talents to work with International Leader, Bishop TD Jakes, where she contributed to the weekly broadcasts and other major video projects related to working as a Broadcast Promo Producer. Her projects were featured nationally and at conferences like MegaFest and the International Leaders Summit (formerly the International Pastors and Leadership Conference).

Adrienne is a speaker passionate about empowering others to live in their truth. She uses humor to engage her audience, but her “no holds barred” authenticity resonates with listeners and readers alike.

Adrienne is also the author of Just Being Honest: Revealing the Truth. Releasing the Shame. Her book details various life experiences, including dealing with attempts to take her own life, repressing memories of rape, and struggling with low self-worth and self-esteem. Just Being Honest is a reminder to let readers know that they can overcome any obstacle with Christ on their side.

Adrienne‘s passion for storytelling led her to tell stories for small and large businesses nationwide as a freelancer. She is also working on creating her first documentary.

Adrienne has been featured in…

“It’s amazing to me the way she breaks down those psychological characteristics of our mindsets when we operate through the shame of the mistakes we made. She encourages us to live free by facing truths.”

Keisha Davis

Books by Adrienne

For years, Adrienne has shared hundreds of stories from people around the country.
Understanding the power and impact of great storytelling, Adrienne is now sharing her story, with much more to come!

Just Being Honest: Revealing the Truth. Releasing the Shame.

Everyone has a unique story, yet through shame and other factors we can be afraid to own our story. Adrienne helps people understand while their story is exclusive to them, we all are connected and are not alone. Our testimonies can help others be successful and comfortable in their lives and experiences.

“In the world of public speaking, Adrienne Mullins stands out! She’s informative, authentic, and an inspiration to all. Having witnessed her brilliance at Black Media Mixer as a panelist speaker, I proudly co-sign her and encourage you to explore all that she is and what she has to offer.”

Jen Iro, Owner – The Jen Iro Agency
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