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Are guilt and shame holding you back from living in your purpose? Many times in life, we cannot move forward because we are too focused on the past. Maybe it was a sexual assault that we were made to believe was our fault. Perhaps a toxic relationship caused us to think we’re not worthy of a loving and healthy relationship.

Shame and guilt can become so debilitating; that they become a part of who we are. Shame covers up the internal thoughts we develop about ourselves and can destroy how we live our lives.

In Just Being Honest, Adrienne makes herself vulnerable by sharing her past experiences. Stories of rape, insecurities, depression, and many more by expressing what happened to her and what she did to overcome. This book is purposed to empower and encourage you to do the same!

Through Just Being Honest, Adrienne reveals how her relationship with God helped her discover that she was not disqualified from her purpose and future because of the mistakes in her past. Adrienne reminds us that through our trials and tribulations, God is with us and He will never fail.

“This has been a staple on my bookshelf since I got it! The author’s transparency and ability to relate to the reader is inspiring. Adrienne tells her story in a way that lets readers know that they are not alone. 🥹💗✨Get this book!

Elyssa Lassiter, Life Coach/Owner, The Say Life Coach Institute
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